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Bath and Body Works !!!!

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Bath and Body works fragrances transport me back to middle school, rocking pastel colored butterfly hair clips and a mini backpack.
Starting with body lotions, scrubs, candles, handwash, bath fizzies – I am a fan of every single item they sell.The beauty goodies, fragrances, and candles have been injected with a dose of modern edge. Bath & Body Works also took old-school classics and made them better. I’ve been a self-confessed Bath and Body Works addict for years now.

My bathroom shelves are filled with my shower gels and body creams and there’s not much room for his stuff now…but hey, a girl can never really have too much Bath and Body Works in her life, right?!
Talking about their “Dark kiss” collection – An unforgettable, seductive blend in jar stays all day, doesn’t fade. It’s in more handy #packaging now.

I buy Bath & Body Works literally in bulk during the sale season when everything is in the range AED10 to 25! This way, I am good to go for the year. Best part about being in U.A.E is, you have sale mostly throughout the year and buying once is never enough. So even with the “bulk” that I take home, I still end up going for a couple of more rounds of “bulk’ to get whatever is left. Though I love almost all of their range from lotions to candles to body mists, this post will have only my favorites or it will be too long.

The lotions, body mists and shower gels mentioned in this post worked perfectly for me. I love the fragrance , effect and the staying power.

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