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SHISHEO -The Shisha Discovery App

Helping people discover great places around them !!
According to my experience, SHISHEO is the best Shisha discovery platform. Input a location and you have a range of hangout places to serve you at a click. is as good as an encyclopedia for the restaurants, coffee shops/cafe, Lounge, Beach club/pool, bar/club.
From a quick weekday lunch to an energetic night out, SHISHEO can give you the wholesome of entertainment experience. What does a book lover, social animal and foodie have in common? They always find comfort in their classic favorites, being around social hangout places makes it therapeutic and trying something new is always fun – SHISHEO makes this easy with just a click on your mobile!!!!

Why not do something hatke today? If you love food, I suggest going all out and trying those whacky cuisines, styles and food combinations that you have always been curious about. Put your faith in your plate and take that Leap of Taste with SHISHEO.
Paint the town with every possible colour while you choose from the range of top restaurants. Also, don’t forget to check out the reviews and ratings before you step out for a colourful day.

How to go about :
1. Download the app SHISHEO

2. Log in /Register

3. Sort by (Facilities/Cuisines)

4. Find the nearest restaurants, cafe, shisha lounge

So do not wait anymore, download the SHISHEO app and find your leisure point at a CLICK!!!!
You can also find on Google chrome/Internet explorer as well.

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